Founded in 1947 in West Palm Beach FL. Okeechobee Prime Meat Market, The Okeechobee Steakhouse and Okeechobee Steakhouse Catering still operate in the same neighborhood and location where the Lewis Family opened the Okeechobee Steakhouse and began the process of aging and butchering sides of beef 72 years ago. The name Okeechobee Steakhouse has been synonymous with the world’s finest prime steaks and meats. Four Generations of the Lewis Family have an unmatched reputation for excellence and integrity and have a steadfast commitment to legendary customer service and innovation.

Okeechobee Prime Meat Market uses the highest grade of USDA Prime, representing the top three percent of all graded American beef. This results in meats that are “the ultimate in tenderness, juiciness and flavor” according to the USDA and our generational guest.

Okeechobee Prime Meat Market also offers the finest, humanely raised, Prime veal and lamb as well as pork, seafood and ready-to-eat sides, Grab n’ Go prepared Meals and homemade desserts that bring an element of convenience as well as unique flavor to the table. Today, the prime steaks that the country’s top steakhouse has built a reputation upon are available for you to enjoy at home. The Best prime steaks and meats in Palm Beach County.


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